For the first time, Theodor Kittelsen's Svartedauen is available as a bilingual edition; consisting of the Norwegian original from 1901 and the German editio princeps, edited and re-illustrated by myself and translated by Juliane Amberger. This version was published by "Pandämonium Verlag" / Germany in September 2021 and is available in every good sorted book store and online (e.g., Amazon, Thalia, Hugendubel).

Das Schwarze Holz


"Das Schwarze Holz" got published by "Pandämonium Verlag" / Germany in December 2017. It contains seven, fully illustrated short stories.


It can be purchased worldwide via, e.g., Thalia, Amazon, Hugendubel and many more.

Aus Tod wird Heimat


My Artbook "Aus Tod wird Heimat" got published by "Pandämonium Verlag" / Germany in March 2014. It contains more than 40 selected images based on my work (photography and traditional art). 76 pages printed on noble 200g paper. Also consists of, image related, written fragments/thoughts and one short story.


Size: 29,7 x 21 x 0,5 cm.


Also available as hand numbered/signed limited edition (limited to 40 items) !!!! The limited edition contains the book itself + one bookmark, three postcards + one handmade linocut-copy (numbered and signed). The linocut is printed on 160 g Paper. Three different colours are available:
Black on “Old White” (Limited to 20 pieces), Black on “Blood-Red” (Limited to 10 pieces) and Black on “Light Grey” (Limited to 10 pieces).


This Limited Edition is only obtainable from me in person (see below).
45 € (shipping included / worldwide shipping)


Regular version can be purchased via, e.g., Amazon


Buy limited edition directly from me by using Paypal

Aus Tod wird Heimat -Limited Edition-
45,00 EUR

Aus Tod wird Heimat + bookmark + three postcards + handmade linocut-copy (numbered and signed). Please quote colour of linocut in Paypal comment area!
No shipping costs! Worldwide shipping!

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